Matt Maruca The Light Diet

I was not healthy growing up. The countless doctors I went to just wanted to mask the symptoms with drugs. So, I started my own health quest – researching, seeking expert opinions, applying the knowledge to myself -- all the time going deeper and deeper to find a solution. After seven years of trying multiple diets and different protocols, I discovered the most important factor for living our best life – LIGHT. Now I’m excited to pass on this knowledge for others to make the changes needed to live a healthier and more fulfilled life.

I know it’s hard to do everything but once you feel the benefits, you’ll be motivated to apply more. They truly made a difference to my life and believe yours will improve too.

While I’m in the process of creating the comprehensive course, complete with videos and a step-by-step guide, here’s a summarized version to get your started.

Step 1: Sleep with the sun

- Watch the sunset

- Block 100% of blue light after sunset

- Avoid screens at night

- Eat 3-5 hours before bed

- Sleep 3-4 hours after sunset

Step 2: Rise with the sun

- Get to bed early to wake up before sunrise naturally

- Watch the sunrise outside daily

- Remove sunglasses/contact lenses to receive unfiltered light

Step 3: Sunbathe amply

- Stay outdoors throughout the day, getting direct and indirect sun

- If indoors, wear blue light blocking glasses that block 95%+

- Open windows and doors for natural light exposure

- Don’t cover your skin with toxic sunscreens

 Step 4: Drink clean spring water

- Avoid drinking municipal tap water

- Buy spring water; in bulk to reduce waste

Step 5: Eat seasonal, seafood-based diet

- Eat larger breakfast and mid-day meal, smaller evening meal

- Consume wild caught omega-3 rich shellfish and seafood

- If eating meat, choose pasture-raised

- Eat local, in season, organic plant foods

 Step 6: Utilize cold & heat therapy

- Spend more time outdoors, experiencing temperature changes

- For morning shower start it hot, end it cold

- Use steam or infrared saunas

- Get into cold, natural waters like lakes, oceans

Step 7: Avoid man-made electronic pollution

- Switch phone to airplane mode when not in use

- Plug computer directly into wifi router

- Turn off wifi when you sleep

- Don’t use wireless headphones, mouse, keyboard

- In the car, connect phone with a cord instead of Bluetooth

 Step 8: Cultivate your inner light

- Practice meditation, mindfulness, stillness, prayer daily

- Do personal reflection via journaling and being in solitude

- Do regular fasts

- Seek positive communities, and separate from draining relationships

- Pursue your passion and reason for being



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