How Do We Improve Our Circadian Rhythm?

By Supporting Your Hormones.

The circadian rhythm is your internal body clock, controlling the sleep/wake cycle and other essential functions like the regulation of your hormones, melatonin and cortisol. Blue light directly impacts these hormones, dysregulating their levels and impacting your sleep, thereby your health. We are exposing ourselves to this artificial light day and night, from screens we stare at, to lights we live under. If you want to maximize your health, you need to protect yourself day and night from this harmful light.

Eliminate Harmful Blue Light
Both Day & Night!

During the day – Our day lenses have been expertly developed to block 95% of blue light and are specifically designed to eliminate the unnatural spike of blue light emitted by computer screens and devices.

After sunset – For restful sleep, you need to block out all blue light which negatively affects the release of melatonin, your sleep hormone. Our night lenses go to the next level, blocking 100% of the harmful blue & green light that is being emitted by digital devices and most indoor lighting.

Our Day lenses are designed to block the blue spike emitted by screens and our Night lenses go a step further, blocking both blue & green light. Together they bring you the ultimate in protection for the maximum in benefits.

Without Ra Optics Lenses

With Ra Optics Day Lenses

With Ra Optics Night Lenses

We Offer Day & Night Lenses For Every Frame Style!

Ra Optics Popp Day Blue Blockers Quantum Light Computer The Light Diet

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Ra Optics Popp Night Blue Blockers Quantum Light Computer The Light Diet

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