Circadian Sets

If you're looking for the ideal level of blue light protection for all scenarios, both day and night, the Circadian Set is for you.

Each Circadian Set contains a pair of your favorite frame, one with Daylight Lenses, and the other with Sunset Lenses, ensuring that you experience the optimal balance of protection and functionality at all times.


Wear Daylight Lenses to block harmful blue light from fluorescent bulbs, LEDs, and screens during the day, whether at school, at work, or at home.

🟡 Protect your eyes and save your vision.

🟡 Feel your mind relax, your mood rise, and your energy and focus skyrocket.

🟡 Leave behind eye strain, headaches, and afternoon fatigue.


Wear Sunset Lenses from sunset to sleep to block sleep-disrupting blue light, re-align your body’s rhythm with nature, and get the best sleep of your life.

🔴 Experience deep relaxation, ease falling asleep, and a new level of sleep and rejuvenation.

🔴 Wake up feeling refreshed, alive, and having the energy you need to succeed.

🔴 See and feel your health improve as a result of better sleep