Popp Sleep

Fritz-Albert Popp, a biophysicist visionary, discovered biophotons and the importance of light in biology.

The Look: A contemporary crystal frame in a classic rectangular shape, detailed wire-core arms, and a matching saddle bridge. Like its name, the tinted color lenses really pop out, grabbing the attention they deserve.

Fit: Medium - Learn Your Size

For prescription eyeglass orders, please ensure that your prescription includes a pupillary distance (PD), is not expired, and has a power range of +2.00 to -6.00 spheres and up to -2.00 cylinder. Otherwise, your order may be substantially delayed or we may cancel and refund your order.
Every order arrives with a luxury cleaning cloth and a branded case.
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Customer Reviews

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Brilliant and Exceeded Expectations

I have used blue blockers on and off for years and always threw them on if I remembered. "Oh these are beneficial and healthy I better wear them". The difference with RA (I bought the day and night one's) is I literally don't want to take them off inside. The difference is so extreme between wearing and not wearing that I regret not pulling the trigger on these years ago. I am so much more relaxed and I can feel immediately how much healthier my body is not straining under artificial light all day. I purchased expensive bio hacking devices this year and would rank these as just as impactful if not more than my red light stack and anti aging bed. Truly an incredible product. Buy these if you're on the fence. Not to mention their incredible return policy where they swapped me out after I made a mistake and ordered a pair too big. Love this team and love the product.

Jeanene Tremoulet
EMF Protection Glasses

I feel that my sleep has improved after wearing the night glasses. Thank you

Jeremy Gardner

These glasses are amazing! I’ve had for about a week and the difference was immediate. I’ve been falling asleep easier and sleeping more soundly. Ready to buy the daylight version just trying to decide if I should get readers or regular lens.

Robert Day
Best Online Shopping Experience Ever

The highest standards of online customer care and product quality are what I received from RA Optics. It was in exchange for a reasonable price and our valuable time. They enthusiastically helped me time and time again throughout the process and their communication is on point. My Popp Days and Nights are of very high quality and the experience, considering my individual needs, was great thanks to Ryan and the rest of the great humans at RA Optics!

Amy Steed
Excellent quality

I have been loving the Popp night glasses so far. The style is great and I am definitely able to fall asleep faster when I wear them before bed. My mother has been wearing glasses since first grade and she had high praises for them as well, saying they are very high quality.


Protect Your Health

Finding yourself inside, staring at screens day and night? You need to protect your health from the damaging effects of all that artificial blue light. Ra Optics glasses are scientifically-proven to block 95-100% of artificial blue light, saving you from poor sleep, eyestrain, headaches, and feeling fatigued.


Why Ra Optics

For years I searched for a treatment that would heal - not mask - my underlying health issues. What I uncovered changed everything about the way I thought about light, sleep and my health. Keep reading to learn how Ra Optics’ Blue Light Blocking Glasses have made all the difference.


What makes our glasses so effective?

We started with science then made it stylish. Our glasses have been developed with leaders of photoscience, neuroscience, and optics. They are infused with pigments that have been tested and retested for effectiveness. We personally know they work, but many leaders in health and fitness can attest to that too.