Popp Screen

Fritz-Albert Popp, a biophysicist visionary, discovered biophotons and the importance of light in biology.

The Look: A contemporary crystal frame in a classic rectangular shape, detailed wire-core arms, and a matching saddle bridge. Like its name, the tinted color lenses really pop out, grabbing the attention they deserve.

Fit: Medium - Learn Your Size
For prescription eyeglass orders, please ensure that your prescription includes a pupillary distance (PD), is not expired, and has a power range of +2.00 to -6.00 spheres and up to -2.00 cylinder. Otherwise, your order may be substantially delayed or we may cancel and refund your order.
All glasses orders include a luxury branded case and cleaning cloth, and free U.S. shipping, returns, and exchanges.

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Joseph Turmel
Screen blasters

Relax and sooth my eyes as I use devices and drive. The best and look great.

Austin McDaniel
Very good

Eyes feel not just better but great, with both the screen and sleep versions.

Riley Thurston

Amazing product and quick shipping! Thanks for werking with Sol Brah. Very based individual that changed my life. Ordering some sleep lenses as well. Cheers!

Jessica Ehrlich
Light, comfy, great

Heavy glasses usually give me a headache but these don’t at all… They are very light. My only constructive feedback is having a size for adult females with smaller heads. The child size is too small and the men’s it’s just a little on the big side for me. They are both a touch wide and arms are 1/2” too long. If I look down they slide forward off my nose. Otherwise they are great!

Popp screens

So far so good I ordered the popp sleeps I have been wearing my screens for 3 days now and I’m waiting for the sleep lenses I ordered two days after I ordered these so I can reset my circadian rhythm. I can’t wait to be able to get the full benefits of wearing both. I wear the screens all day and they are excellent. At first they felt small but I’m getting used to them and like I said can’t wait for my sleep’s to arrive so I can get my circadian rhythm right. I have sleep shift work disorder so my circadian rhythm is not how it’s supposed to be I fall asleep around 3-3:30am and wake up around 1 pm so I’m excited to get the popp sleep lenses and if they’re anything like the screens then I know that I’ll be able to reset my natural sleep and wake cycle.
Great company.
Just hope they ship my sleeps out soon :)


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