The frame: Named for a great spiritual leader who taught about the fundamental unity between all world faiths and the importance of looking inward to experience our true nature which is ever-conscious, ever-existing, ever-new bliss.

The look: One of the most classic and well-known frames of all time. Young or old, man or woman, pilot, office worker, or world traveler, Yogananda is certain to enhance your shine.

Fit: Medium/Large Learn Your Size

Includes: 1x Yogananda Daylight and 1x Yogananda Sunset

Not your style? Try Maxwell Circadian Set

$398.00 $448.00
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Protect Your Health

Finding yourself inside, staring at screens day and night? You need to protect your health from the damaging effects of all that artificial blue light. Ra Optics glasses are scientifically-proven to block 95-100% of artificial blue light, saving you from poor sleep, eyestrain, headaches, and feeling fatigued.


Why Ra Optics

For years I searched for a treatment that would heal - not mask - my underlying health issues. What I uncovered changed everything about the way I thought about light, sleep and my health. Keep reading to learn how Ra Optics’ Blue Light Blocking Glasses have made all the difference.


What makes our glasses so effective?

We started with science then made it stylish. Our glasses have been developed with leaders of photoscience, neuroscience, and optics. They are infused with pigments that have been tested and retested for effectiveness. We personally know they work, but many leaders in health and fitness can attest to that too.