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An 8-step comprehensive video course and step-by-step pdf guide. 

Have you tried every diet, fitness program, been prescribed pharmaceuticals from countless doctors and taken expensive supplements, but still feel tired and sick? That was me, until I discovered the real solution to my health issues.

This course is the result of a decade of learning and personal experimentation that taught me to take control of my own health. I've created this comprehensive video course and pdf guide, so you too will heal and reach your potential.


Included in your purchase:

1. Exclusive access to videos guiding you through the steps

2. The step-by-step pdf guide

3. Infographics providing additional how-to tips

4. Introductory note from Matt Maruca

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Sarah Paquet
Amazing company!

Have nothing but good words for this amazing company! Products and service! Love the glases (they work) and experience. They are here for the right reasons and it shoes. Long life to you guys and thank you!

Toni Boddy

I love that the light diet course has the 8 steps complete and easily understood. I have gotten bits and pieces from watching Matt on podcasts, but this course has it all together. It is very informative and enlightening.

N.M. Harris
Invaluable Information

I’m thrilled that I took The Light Diet Course, I learnt so much that I didn’t know despite decades of interest and research into health.

Emilio Ortiz
Holistic, Short, and to the Point

I loved this course with Matt Maruca. His wisdom extends for beyond his years, and the course was created with high-quality and very practical takeaways. Would recommend anyone learn & implement the Light Diet principles to transform their lives.

Alex Schumann
A requisite course for life

Matt nails the keys to realigning daily existence with the sun and insightfully and actionably covers all the other requisite peripheral topics that must be illuminated in order to achieve optimal health and happiness in our modern world. Thanks for what you do Matt and, Shine On!


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