Ra Optics Holiday Style Guide: Where Science Meets Style

Introduction: The Ra Optics Story

Welcome to Ra Optics, where science meets style in the world of eyewear.

When we founded Ra Optics, there was a glaring gap in the market…

No companies were producing products grounded in science that were also stylish and high-quality.

We’ve filled this void by collaborating with leading scientific experts in the field of photobiology and optics to develop lenses that not only offer unparalleled scientifically-validated blue light protection, but also look great on you and complement your individual style.

The result?

A fusion of function and fashion.

And a collection of 8 frames that cater to every person’s taste and style preferences.

Let’s take a look.

Fashion-Forward Frames for the Style-Conscious

For those who view eyewear as an extension of their fashion statement, we consider these our standout frames: Yogananda, JC, Nate, and Dispenza. Each of these frames is designed keeping in mind the latest trends and personal style:

Yogananda: Named after the great yogi, these frames embody spiritual elegance and timeless grace, perfect for those who resonate with a blend of classic and contemporary.


JC: Bold and assertive, the JC frames are for the trendsetters and fashion-forward thinkers. Their distinct design speaks volumes about your choice in fashion.

Nate: Inspired by Nathaniel Kleitman, the Nate frames are sleek, modern, and perfect for making a subtle yet impactful style statement.

Dispenza: Reflecting the pioneering spirit of Dr. Joe Dispenza, these frames are ideal for those who embrace a futuristic and innovative style.

Modest Frames for Understated Elegance

For individuals who prefer subtlety and modesty in their eyewear, we offer Clyde, Popp, Maxwell, and Ram Dass. These frames are designed with a focus on minimalism and understated elegance.

  • Clyde: Simple yet sophisticated, the Clyde frames are a testament to classic beauty and understated charm.

  • Popp: The Popp frames are for those who appreciate the finer, subtler things in life. They represent a quiet, refined elegance.

  • Maxwell: Named after the renowned physicist, the Maxwell frames are all about simplicity, functionality, and timeless design.

  • Ram Dass: Embodying the serene wisdom of Ram Dass, these frames are perfect for those who seek a harmonious blend of comfort and style.

The Common Thread: Science-Backed, Premium Quality

Whether you lean towards the bold and beautiful or the quiet and classy, every pair of Ra Optics frames shares a common thread: they are built on a foundation of unparalleled quality and scientific backing.

Crafted from the finest Italian Mazzuchelli acetate and German-engineered steel, our frames are designed to last a lifetime.

See, Ra Optics is more than just eyewear – it's a promise of durability, quality, and style.

As you shop for the perfect holiday gifts, consider Ra Optics.

And during our holiday sale, we are offering a special deal:

  • Buy 1 frame, save 15%
  • Buy 2+ frames, save 20%
  • Free Expedited 2-day shipping with all purchases (just order by Sunday Dec. 17th for guaranteed Christmas delivery)

Visit our collection today and find the perfect pair that resonates with your loved ones' style and needs.

As always, we recommend purchasing a Circadian Bundle: 1 Daylight Frame and 1 Sunset Frame each, so that you can choose to stay protected 24/7 and keep your circadian rhythm in check.

Shop Now and bring home more than just glasses – bring home a lifestyle. 🎁 🕶️

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⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Amazing Design

“The design is so great and attractive that even my aunts and family want to invest on a pair. Not only the looks are great, they seem to fit most faces really well in appearance, catches others attention and you get a shot to talk about the technology behind it and benefits. Def recommend!” Reviewed by Timothy P., Verified Buyer ✔️


⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Really enjoying these blue blockers

“I have a super small face and most glasses don't fit well, but I like the way these look. I really like them and am super grateful for RA Optics making them available for us who care about the health of our eyes, brain, and beings! Thank you!! :)” - Reviewed by Katherine G., Verified Buyer ✔️

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