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Great Blue Blockers

I had a pair of orange safety glasses for blocking blue light and they don't compare to these. They seem to have a higher protection and I have been falling asleep faster since wearing them at night.

Well satisfied!

Finding correct info about light, epi-paleo diet and my health has been my best and lasting find. I feel and function better than ever after years of trying this or that supplement, super food or exercise. 5 years of study and practice has proven to be my best investment. As for RaOptics, the quality was striking. A day and night difference between RaOptics and the cheaper version which I was using. As always, buy quality when quality exists. RaOptics are quality products.

Cautiously optimistic and pumped!

In January I stopped using over the counter sleep aids cold turkey and started using serotonin 5mg extended release. My sleep was not as good but I was determined figure out how to help my body regulate sleep naturally. I stumbled across a podcast on what blue light does to you. After researching the options, I bought 2 pair of Ra Optics .... one for my husband and one for myself. I have been wearing the Ra Optics for 10 days. In addition to wearing the glasses, I also am taking advantage of some tips provided like watching the sunrise and sunset. Over the past week I have had some of the best sleep I have had in a decade. Two of the last 4 nights I slept 10 hours .... not without waking up but I will take it. I’m cautiously optimistic the trend will continue. And as added bonuses I really like the way they look and how comfortable they are. Very pleased with our decision to go with Ra Optics!

Nate Day
Love them

Glasses NEVER look good on me and I have kind of a smaller head so I was shocked at how well they fit, they are so comfortable, actually look cute, and I really do feel a difference from wearing them! Going to get my fiancé a pair now!

Maxwell Night
Great blue light filtering

From my experience RA optics really cares about its customers and quality of its products.


Great pair of Day Blue blockers. I wear them all day while at work and of course at home while i'm on the laptop, watching TV and on my phone. I work in a dental office, a lot of artificial light flowing around. I can notice a difference after wearing these blue blockers for almost a month now.

very clear and sharp, fashionable.

I really love my Clyde Day. My boyfriend has tried on it and said its better than the one he has.

Nate Day
Nate’s are great!

Stylish glasses that I’m not ashamed to wear.

Maxwell Day

Love these glasses. I can definitely spend more time on the computer without my eyes getting drained.. Thanks!

Maxwell Day

Love my Ra Optics!!

The Clyde Ra Optics are amazing! I am in front of a screen 10-12 hours a day working! That does not include TV or surfing! I usually get migraines and blurry vision, since using Ra Optics I’ve had neither! They are super cute and love what they do for my eyes!

Great lenses, frame still too small for me even though these are the largest RA makes

First, I've been using some sort of blue light blockers for 15 years, both in the day and at night. These are by far the best lenses I've used, and I find the yellow sufficient for pre-bedtime use, that is I only need one pair, especially when I'm traveling. The colors are not nearly as distorted as with the orange, which makes working on the computer much easier. The major negative I have with these, as Ra Optics largest frame, is they are both too narrow and let too much light in around the edges. They are still functional, especially when staring at a screen, but the light that comes in around the edges is 100% noticeable at all times. I'm still using them as my primary blue light blockers, but the sizing issue means I don't take full advantage of the excellent quality lenses.

They seriously work!

I have my Popps on right now and am feeling great. I used to get headaches daily from staring at a computer. I needed to do something about it, and after much research decided on these popps, with the yellow lenses. There are a lot of so called blue light glasses out there but so few of them are legit. This company does the research to validate their claims which made me feel confident they would work. And I'm happy to report that my headaches are gone and my sleep is so much better too. Thanks Ra, your glasses work just like you said they would!

Perfect size and shape

I have a wider face and was worried this wraparound style wouldn't fit me, but it did. And very happy I decided to go with some real blue light glasses the second time around. I bought the cheap, clear pair before and they didn't do a thing and also looked crappy. These do all they claim! After a couple of days I started sleeping better and waking up feeling refreshed and alive.


If I’m leaving my house and I know I’ll be back after dark I always bring them with me. I’ve warn them almost every night since I was gifted them about a year ago. They’re definitely a conversation starter, and no I’m not trying to be like John Lennon however I feel like a rockstar when I rep them! Ra optics has changed my life. Just purchased a pair of days for my computer job. You won’t regret these!

Quality glasses; made major mistake when I ordered

The glasses are quality and fit great. I ordered the 1.00 readers and the whole lens is a reader. I foolishly thought it would be the lower portion :( I cannot wear them now, but I'll use them down the road hopefully.

Hi Clare! We're sorry to hear your readers are not what you had expected. Currently we do not offer transition lenses but they are a good option to provide for the future!

We will reach out via email to arrange a refund for you. Please don't hesitate to contact us at if there is anything else we can do to help! :)

Ra Optics frame fit chart helped me choose a great pair of lenses that fit my face. I knew that my old pair of blue blockers weren't cutting it when I read about all the benefits you should feel from wearing them, and I felt none. I switch to RO and now understand what real blue blocking glasses feel like. Shout out to the Popp glasses as now my family fights over who gets to wear them, ill be buying for the whole family now.

Thanks Geoff! Glad you like the frame chart. Happy to help 'fix' your need for more frames, we all have it hard enough. :) Please reach out to and we will customize your order. We've got your back!

Saving my daughter from zoom school....

I was so worried about the eye damage (let alone the mental damage...) that staring at a screen for school was going to do to my daughter that I researched for ways to protect her. A friend had bought these for her 8 year old daughter and raved about them. Her daughter loved the style so she was wearing them everyday without protest. I bought them for my 9 year old and they fit perfectly! She loves how they are yellow tinted and the different colors in the frame. She's happy wearing them which makes me happy because they are protecting her developing eyes. I feel like her mood is better too, as a result. If you are looking for blue light glasses that do as they say they do, and also kids will love to wear, get a pair of these!

These glasses help me sleep!

I have the same style in the day lenses, but I wanted the night version too, to be fully protected. So much more light at night, with all the light bulbs on, and these ones block it all out. I fall asleep within 10 mins now, instead of my regular 30 or so...And haven't been waking up at 3am like I used to. They have helped me become a morning person too, because I get my full sleep at night time. I wake up full of energy and ready to go! I also watch the sunrise first thing in the morning (good health tip) to get my circadian rhythm rocking for the day. This style is super comfortable and they feel like they are so well made. Not like the cheap, clear pair I bought before I knew better....Highly recommend these if you want to sleep better!

Less eye strain & headaches

I was desperate to find a solution to my daily headaches and tired, dry eyes. A friend told me about her blue light blocking glasses from ra optics. Straight after putting them on I could feel relief. My eyes kind of did a huge sigh and settled into a more peaceful place...I don't wear them all day because they are so effective at blocking blue light, I felt I did need some to stay awake, but I do wear them pretty much from noon onwards. After about a week of wearing them I also noticed I was sleeping better at night, more deeply as well as getting to sleep faster. And yes they did fix my constant headache problem! Can't recommend them enough. I have a narrow face and these ones fit perfectly.

Ra Optics Saved My Eyes!

I've been a graphic designer for over 10 years, sitting in front of the screen for hours at a time. I have purchased many cheap blue blocking glasses in the past but never felt any benefits. I heard about Ra Optics through a podcast featuring Matt and decided to try them out especially since they have a 30-day return policy :) The Maxwell frames are amazing! Not only are they really stylish, but they perfectly fit my face . Im about 6' tall - normal build.

I felt relief right away. I could tell that the proprietary pigments infused in the lenses were much more effective than my old glasses that had no pigment in their lenses. After a few days of wearing the glasses I was more relaxed and calm, my sleeping was a bit better but I night glasses are best for transitioning from screen to bed. Funny moment - I was so used to wearing the glasses that I forgot I had them on and wore them to pick up my daughter! She enjoyed the glasses and now Ill have to get her a pair.