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Clyde Sleep
India Mace
Love My Clyde Sleep Glasses!

I put my sleep glasses on right at sundown, wear them until I turn off the light on my night table and what used to take an hour to fall asleep now takes no more than 5 minutes. Also, I now consistantly sleep for a full 8 hours even after getting up a couple of times to go to the bathroom during the night and going right back to sleep. Woohoo! After years of insomnia, I am absolutely pleased with the results I was hoping for with my Ra Optics sleep glasses and highly recommend them!

Nate Sleep
A. Bmore
Nate Sleep Makes for Great Sleep!

These glasses are awesome, and after a few weeks wearing them consistently after the sun goes down, I have noticed an improvement in my sleep pattern. I can also tell a huge difference in eye strain when looking at any screens with these glasses on, especially after the sun goes down. You can purchase these glasses with confidence, you won't be disappointed!

Amazing company!

Have nothing but good words for this amazing company! Products and service! Love the glases (they work) and experience. They are here for the right reasons and it shoes. Long life to you guys and thank you!

Clyde Sleep
Trent Jackson
Quality clarity and comfort

With use of the glasses for just one week, I can already feel a difference in eye strain while winding down in the evenings.

Nate Sleep
Tobias Kurz
Best BLB Glasses on the Market!

I´ve tried a number of BLBs before deciding to give reoptics the chance (as I´m from Germany, tax and shipping is about half the price, what makes them kinda expensive for me) and I wish I did it earlier!

Lost my first glasses on vacation after using them almost 2 years and immediatley felt thr difference - the week until I received the package with the new order was really difficult for me and remembered me of the days before using a good BLB (real problems iwth getting to sleep every night).

Happy with the new Nate Sleep Glasses - even better than the model I bought 2 years ago (not the glasses, but the quality of the product itself and its design really upgraded in the time between).

Popp Sleep
David Caron
Popp sleep

Great blue light blockers, been wearing them in the evenings for 2 weeks now and have definitely noticed that sleep is deeper and muscles around the eye are relaxed.

Popp Sleep
emily laird
Wonderful glasses

They work great! Quality made and I absolutely love them!

Great Product

These are great, I previously used some from Amazon that cost around $20 to $50. These are a pricier but you can certainly tell the difference especially with the yellow tint. The ones I bought before on Amazon did not have a yellow tint, I was a little hesitant to buy these because I didn't like the tint. But I am glad I spent the extra money to purchase these. These are well worth it; it makes others look like rookies. My headaches and eye strain pain went away. I definitely recommend anyone to purchase these, these are well worth the investment in protecting your eyes.


I ordered the Popp Screen for work as my work environment calls for me to work indoors in front of screens and stark fluorescent lights all day. In addition, I ordered the Fritz Sleep Glasses; I was falling asleep as soon as I put them on at night; fell asleep within 10-15 minutes of putting them on. I noticed the next day that I had no interruptions while sleeping at night, and I felt well rested. I would definitely recommend this to anybody; it will benefit them greatly! Thanks Matt and the entire RA Optics team for your hard work and dedication!

Maxwell Sleep
Michael Sagaert
So happy I got these!

These have helped me more than I thought! I had an instance with an ocular migraine and these were able to help me get rid of it much quicker than most are able to.

Maxwell Sleep
Kathleen Palmer

I have a pair of these and love them so much I got a pair for my son. He’s very excited to try them out. They truly help me with getting and staying asleep. Thank you for a terrific product!

Clyde Sleep
Julie N.
Super Effective Blue Blockers

So far very pleased with my blue blockers. They are comfortable and much sturdier feeling than my previous pair. I knew they were actually working and obviously much much more effective than my previous pair when I noticed I couldn't see the blue/purple lights on the Christmas tree when wearing them. I could easily see those lights and colors with my old pair, despite being advertised as doing so and paying around the same price for them. Very impressed these glasses are doing what they are supposed to. I had the best night of sleep the first night I transitioned to wearing them and am excited for the future health benefits of supporting my circadian rhythm.

Clyde Sleep
Elly C.
Wonderful glasses, amazing sleep

I believe my sleep has improved from a 7 to an 8 with my orange Clydes. They fit perfectly on my face (highly unusual since I am difficult to fit), and are light and comfortable. I enjoy wearing them at night— everything takes on a lovely warm hue, including the TV. Quality product :)

Popp Screen
Gregory Beaudette

I haven't gotten a headache from looking at my computer since I've been wearing these!

Maxwell Screen
Jill Salvato
Highly recommend

The blue light blocking glasses definitely work! I will have to invest in the sleep version also!

it works

good for working at night if you have to do that. note that the lenses are **yellow** so it will change colors of your screen. Blue wont be blue - thats how it works... if you have to do color sensitive work, do it during the day. i have the orange ones too, those are too extreme for normal computer work, i prefer the yellow ones.

Nate Screen
Amira Hussein
My new daily glasses

I wear these most of the day; every day. Can’t go without them anymore!

Popp Screen
Quang Reyen
Very good quality

I've worn them for almost 2 weeks now and I have notice my normal eye strain has stopped. I had regular blue light blocker glasses before, but still experienced eye fatigue by the end of an 8 hour day on the computer. My sleep pattern hasn't changed much considering I had good sleep before. However, I have noticed waking up not as "groggy" compared to before. Hopefully, this trend continues. The quality of the frame and lens seem very good thus far. We'll have to reevaluate after a year.

Clyde Screen
Improved performance

I have experienced less eye strain and therefore improved performance in the office. Also the glasses look fantastic!

Maxwell Sleep
Hilda Labrada Gore
Sweet dreams...thanks to Ra Optics

I've worn a variety of blueblockers over the years, but RaOptics' Maxwell Sleep are the best ones I've ever had. How can I tell? The minute I pulled them out of the package, I could feel the quality of the product, for starters. These were not flimsy second-rate glasses.

But secondly, and most importantly, once I started wearing them in the evenings, my sleep became much more profound. These glasses are TRULY blocking out the junk light that was messing with my melatonin production and release.

Now I have the sweetest dreams and the most restorative sleep ever. I won't go back to the cheapo brands. You get what you pay for. These glasses are worth the investment. Thanks, RaOptics for putting your all into these top-notch products!

Popp Sleep
Wow Red Buy These!

I have been wearing a different brand for about 3 years, I did notice that they blocked the blue but I never noticed much different in my sleep.
Then I found RA OPTICS. WOW they are RED there block all the blue light, after the first night I slept like I haven’t in years. I would say that these are a game changer. With my old glasses I could still see to read a book or look at my phone screen if I had to read a text, now I can’t! That tells me that they are definitely doing their job. I would recommend getting your eye prescription filled (I tended to wear my old ones over my distance glasses) with RA Optics I think I will invest in getting them with subscription. You will love these blue blockers and the price IMO is worth it! Now I need to decided if I want to order just for distance or also order my readers.

Popp Sleep
luke Marinovic
Amazing investment

High quality, well fitted glasses.
Deeper quality sleep,eye strain is non existent, falling asleep quicker and also getting extremely sleepy as the night goes on. Something that wasn’t happening previously.

The glasses deliver on what they promise. I’ll definitely be buying a day time pair in the future.

Only negative is the shipping cost to Australia, other then that I highly recommend to anyone that wants to take their sleep,health and performance seriously.

Nate Sleep
Ian Cuthbertson
love them

feels like im sitting next to a campfire instead of a TV or harsh blue lights. wearing them every night now!

Maxwell Screen
andre cadorette

Maxwell Screen

Popp Screen
Joseph Turmel
Screen blasters

Relax and sooth my eyes as I use devices and drive. The best and look great.