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Enhance Your Kid’s Sleep, Protect Their Mental Health, & Support Optimal Development Naturally

Ra Optics are premium blue light blocking glasses that enhance your child's sleep, protect their mental health, and support their optimal development, which set a solid foundation for their overall well-being.

Ra Optics and Dr. Courtney Kahla partnered to bring you and your children the best blue light blocking glasses in existence.

These special frames are tailored for children, offering lightweight, durable designs in sizes that ensure a comfortable fit for all-day wear.


“Unlike other blue light blocking glasses, Ra Optics are stylish, extremely durable, and designed by the world’s top photobiologists to scientifically block the damaging spectrums of blue light.”

Matt Maruca,

Ra Optics Founder

Artificial Blue Light: An Overlooked Cause of Many Chronic Health Issues

In today's tech-centric world, a surge in screen time fueled by online learning and increased indoor activities has significantly elevated children's exposure to blue light.

This trend, coupled with the advent of brighter LED lighting, has made avoiding blue light a challenge, especially for young developing eye. The need to protect children from the potential health risks associated with prolonged blue light exposure has never been more critical.

Disrupted Sleep Patterns

Blue light inhibits the production of melatonin, the hormone that regulates sleep-wake cycles. For children, whose bodies and brains are still developing, sufficient sleep is crucial for healthy development. Disrupted sleep can lead to problems with memory, learning, and emotional regulation.

Increased Risk of ADHD Symptoms

Excessive screen time and exposure to blue light have been linked to increased symptoms of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) in children. The stimulating effects of blue light and interactive nature of many digital devices can exacerbate attention problems and hyperactivity, making it harder for children to focus during the day.

Impaired Cognitive Development

Adequate sleep is essential for cognitive development in children. Since blue light exposure can significantly disrupt sleep quality and duration, it indirectly affects cognitive functions such as learning, memory, problem-solving, and decision-making abilities.

Emotional and Behavioral Issues

Adequate sleep is essential for cognitive development in children. Since blue light exposure can significantly disrupt sleep quality and duration, it indirectly affects cognitive functions such as learning, memory, problem-solving, and decision-making abilities.

Headaches & Brain Fog

Children are particularly vulnerable to digital eye strain, characterized by dry, itchy eyes, blurred vision, and headaches.

Myopia (Nearsightedness)

Prolonged exposure to artificial blue light from screens and tablets may contribute to the development and progression of myopia in children.

A Premium Partnership To

Protect Our Youth

Ra Optics is excited to partner with Dr. Courtney Kahla to bring you the Riley Frames, stylish science-backed blue light blocking glasses for kids. Available in both Daylight Frames and Sunset Frames, you can now protect your kids’ potential 24/7.

How To Optimize Your Kids Lives With The Science of Light


Get Natural Sunlight Exposure

Every morning for 10-15 minutes, expose your eyes and skin to direct sunlight. Remove eyeglasses, sunglasses, and contact lenses.


Wear Riley Daylight Lenses

During the day, wear Ra Optics Daylight Lenses when you are exposed to artificial light sources (at home, on the tablet, TV, or school). This shields your eyes from the damaging blue light emitted by screens and other artificial light sources, while relaxing your mind and keeping stress hormones in check.


Wear Riley Sunset Lenses

Each evening, wear Ra Optics Sunset Lenses post-sunset to guard against disruptive blue light from common artificial light sources. These lenses help your brain and body naturally wind down and relax (without sleeping pills or other supplements), encouraging deep restorative sleep and optimal development.



Science-Backed & Stylish Frames

“I choose Ra Optics over all other blue light blocking glasses because these lenses have been tested and truly block 100% of blue and green light. Ra Optics are the most stylish, with a variety to fit everyone in your family.”

- Dr. Courtney Kahla

Science-Backed & Stylish Frames

50,000+ Customers Are Feeling Rejuvenated

50,000+ Customers Are

Feeling Rejuvenated

Benefits of Ra Optics

Ra Optics is the most simple and fundamental solution to upgrading your well-being, performance, and recovery. With the science of light, you can optimize your child’s health at the root level and protect them during their crucial years of development.



BEFORe ra optics

Brain fog, eye strain, headache

Overstimulation blue light

Mood and behavioral challenges

Risk of eye damage and issues

Lack of focus

after ra optics

Calm and relaxed mind

Stabilized mood and energy

Optimized cognitive development

Improved eye health

Increased focus and attention






BEFORe ra optics

Can’t fall asleep or stay asleep

Relies on sleeping aids

Wakes up tired and moody

Disrupted sleep patters

Increased risk of ADHD

after ra optics

Wind down & fall asleep easily

Relax naturally (no melatonin pills)

Wake up fully recharged

Restored circadian rhythm

Harmony in the mind



Science-Backed Blue Light Blocking Glasses That Actually Work

Ra Optics lenses were designed by the world’s top photobiologists.

Our proprietary lens technology is scientifically validated to block the damaging spectrums of blue light that are rampant in our modern world.

Watch this demonstration from our founder, Matt Maruca, to see how Ra Optics actually blocks blue light.

The Preferred Blue Light Blocking Glasses of Leading Health and Wellness Experts, Biohackers,
and World-Class Athletes

In the realm of pushing boundaries and reaching unparalleled peaks of performance, there is an undeniable relationship between physical excellence and holistic well-being.

So, what’s the underrated aspect of optimal health that is steadily becoming a game-changer for many high-performers, including top-tier athletes, groundbreaking biohackers, and esteemed fitness professionals?

They trust Ra Optics.

"Ra Optics is, hands down, the best blue light protection eyewear I've found. While most lenses on the market do not block any meaningful amount of the most damaging wavelengths of light (despite having hefty marketing claims), Ra Optics excels at actually eliminating these wavelengths completely. While Ra is driven by their mission to make people aware of the health risks of the modern, indoor, tech-based lifestyle, they are completely science-focused, committed to constant improvement, and always providing the greatest benefits for their customers. I don't recommend any other blue light blockers."

Ben Greenfield, Biohacker, nutritionist, physiologist, fitness coach, competitive athlete and New York Times bestselling author of 13 books

How to Use Ra Optics

For best results, purchase a Circadian Bundle for 24/7 blue light protection, mitochondrial optimization, and circadian rhythm optimization.

A Circadian Bundle is one pair of Ra Optics Daylight Lenses and one pair of Sunset Lenses.

Wear Daylight Lenses during the day to protect your eyes from screens and modern lights.

In the virtual classroom

On the phone, tablet, or TV

At school indoors

Wear Sunset Lenses from sunset to sleep, whenever you were exposed to artificial light.

Studying in the evening

Watching movies or social media

At indoors events with artificial lighting

Circadian rhythms are a set of physiological, psychological, and behavioral changes that occur within a 24-hour cycle. ‘Circa’ is Latin for “approximately”, and ‘dies’ means “a day”; therefore, circadian means “approximately a day”.

This cycle is predominantly influenced by light and impacts the biologogical functions of a wide range of organisms, especially humans.

Protecting our circadian rhythms is one of the most important things we can do for our health. When our circadian rhythm is disrupted, we are exposed.



Learn About Light Science: Night-Time Light Increases Risk of Psychiatric Disorders

Led by Associate Professor Sean Cain from the Monash School of Psychological Sciences and the Turner Institute for Brain and Mental Health in Melbourne, Australia, a recent study involved a staggering 86,772 participants.

Read more

Get a Circadian Bundle for 24/7 Protection

Unlock Your Kid’s Daytime Potential

Unlock Your Kid’s Daytime Potential

Get essential protection from blue light, promoting better focus, healthier eyes, and a more stable mood throughout the day.


Maximize Your Kid’s Rest & Recovery

Help kids wind down and fall asleep easily, eliminating the need for melatonin pills by encouraging natural relaxation. They wake up fully recharged, with their circadian rhythm restored, fostering harmony in the mind for a balanced and peaceful state.


Maximize Your Kid’s Rest & Recovery

50,000+ Customers Are Optimizing Their Health At The Root Level

50,000+ Customers Are Optimizing Their Health At The Root Level

Instead of addressing symptoms like diet, exercise, or supplementation does, Ra Optics solves health problems at the root level.

Ra Optics are the first premium blue light blocking glasses based on science.

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Meet Dr. Courtney Kahla

Meet Dr. Courtney Kahla

Hello, I'm Dr. Courtney Kahla, a pediatric and prenatal chiropractor that specializes in nervous system function. I also have a Bachelors of Science in Exercise Science Health Promotion, which is the science and art of helping people evaluate their lifestyle to move toward a state of optimal health. I believe you were created to thrive! So, my goal is to help families unlock their innate ability to heal from the inside out.

Happiness Guarantee

Ra Optics offers free U.S. shipping, returns, and exchanges. We guarantee that you will love your Ra Optics. But if you are not 100% stoked, send us a note and we will be happy to make things right.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if my child needs blue light blocking glasses?

Blue light from natural sources (such as the sun) is critical to our heath. However, blue light from aritificial sources, especially at the wrong time of day or night, can lead to serious health issues.


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