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Instead of addressing symptoms like diet, exercise, or supplementation does, Ra Optics solves health problems at the root level.

Ra Optics are the first premium blue light blocking glasses based on science.

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"Matt Maruca, founder of Ra Optics, speaking on stage at the 2023 Biohacker Summit in Amsterdam"

How We Discovered The Power of Light Science

As a kid, I had a feeling that there was more to life than the world I saw. I experienced health challenges from a young age—gut issues, allergies, and headaches—that made my experience of this world difficult and uncomfortable.

I mistakenly thought these health challenges were genetic and there was nothing I could do about them but. Deep down, I knew there was more.

In high school, my symptoms became unbearable. I frantically searched for solutions and eventually came across an article about epigenetics, a science proving that we can change how our genes are expressed based on environmental inputs. The article stated was that diet is the most significant factor, so I believed it, and became obsessed with optimizing my diet to optimize my health. Initially I felt amazing, convincing me that food was the key. For the first time in my life, I felt hope.

But symptoms still lingered, and this sent me into a tailspin of very restrictive dieting in which I felt worse, not better.

Then I came across the science of light: a body of research indicating that light plays a crucial role in our biology. It controls our sleep/wake cycle, cellular repair, energy production, hormones, neurotransmitters, and even how our body processes food.

I realized that my light environment was definitely sub- optimal and, therefore, preventing my body from functioning optimally. I could be eating the perfect diet, but with a low quality “light diet”, I couldn’t reach my highest potential. I read everything I could and applied the Science of Light to my life, what I now call “The Light Diet”. My entire body and life changed for the better. I looked and felt much better, my brain worked better, I slept amazingly, and I had more energy than I had ever experienced.

Modern life has many challenges, including lighting, stress, and other factors that can knock our body out of balance, but I was never satisfied with the idea that we should have to live on a mountain-top or a remote beach to experience optimal health.

So, I founded Ra to create products based on the most advanced understanding of life—the Science of Light— to help myself and others to maintain balance in the face of the challenges of the modern world, and, ultimately, to support us in realizing our greatest potential.

Happiness Guarantee

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