The Blue Light Protection Glasses preferred by leading health experts

Eliminate eyestrain, headaches and fatigue from man-made lighting and screen devices

Enjoy better sleep, increased productivity, and elevated health in the digital age

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Why Block Blue Light?

  • Blue Light emitted by screens and aritifical lighting disrupts our brain function and health.

  • Most Blue Light glasses block less than 3% of the harmful range emitted by these devices.

  • Our lenses were designed with experts to use special pigments to block more than 95% of harmful Blue Light.

Technology for Day and Night

  • Our Day Lenses offer the optimal amount of protection for daytime use, improving focus, and boosting productivity.

  • Our Night Lenses eliminate all Blue Light to maximize melatonin production, improving our sleep quality, energy levels, and health.

  • Both Lenses are necessary for protection in the modern world.

Fashion and Function

  • We house our top-quality lenses in sleek frames, hand-made from durable lightweight materials.

  • We offer a variety of hip and timeless frame styles for everyone.

Over 10,000 happy customers

I love my new glasses. They simply do not compare with other brands at all. These are the best! Thanks for the superior product and professional service in providing them. I purchased four pairs for family members and everyone is thrilled with the glasses. Thank you!!

Randy Alford

Better sleep, better brain function, mood and choices in my life the next day with blue blockers in the night. What else do I need? 🙂

Mihály Sáfrán

I thought I slept sufficiently until I started using these blue light blockers. I cannot believe how deeply I now sleep! I even wake up before my alarm clock goes off which is surprising to me. I’d highly recommend these for everyone. Thank you Ra Optics!

Armando Garcia

These glasses are the best I have had and I have tried a couple other brands. Once I switched to these, my sleep improved and insomnia resolved. Cannot recommend enough!

Darleen DeAngelis

These are fantastic! No more burning eyes and migraines for the computer screen, thank you so much!

Tobiah Mcgrath

I got my blue blockers a few weeks back and am super pleased with them! My sleep has improved greatly, and I noticed a huge positive difference in my energy levels and motivation. I'm convinced that anyone who buys these will be totally satisfied!

Isaac Jason

Just wanted to say the glasses are of great quality and the customer support is out of this world! I'll be referring anyone who's interested in blue blocker to ra optics.

Derek Antosiek

Excellent Service. I highly recommend Ra Optics. Their blue blockers are one of the most valuable tools on the road to wellness.

Crystal Whisler

Best blue blocking company in the world right now. The ONLY company that combines function with style!

Bart Wolbers

We love our new glasses and thanks for the excellent service!

Lynn Marie

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