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Do you feel like this?
  • Wake up feeling unrested and low in energy
  • Not functioning like you want to, being unproductive
  • Worrying about being able to fall asleep and staying asleep
  • Unable to focus, experiencing brain fog and a lack of clarity
  • Feeling out of rhythm with your body
  • Struggling with chronic illnesses like diabetes, heart disease, autoimmune conditions, neurological disorders
  • Trying every diet and protocol but never meeting your goals or found them too hard to stick to
Well, you don't have to.
I know because this used to be me.
My sole purpose is to help you overcome these health burdens that are holding you back, unable to reach your potential.
I struggled with debilitating health issues, visited countless doctors to no avail, tried every diet with no long-term results. Finally I realized I needed to take control of my own health.
After a decade of intense research and personal experimentation I discovered the root cause of my health issues - misunderstanding the power of light.
We are beings of light, but there is very little understanding of this. Nobody was providing the guidance to implement light into our lifestyle, despite its critical importance. I felt like I needed to, which led to the creation of The Light Diet.
I've distilled the expertise of photobiologists, functional and integrative doctors and researchers, and neuroscientists into 8 steps everyone can and must follow. I'm bringing all of this to you in THE LIGHT DIET COURSE.
This course is complete with videos and a step-by-step PDF guide, providing you with all the information you need to take control of your own health and well-being. With these steps you can optimize your health like never before.
If it's just the course you are interested in, get access for only $62. That's a %75 savings!- for a complete set of easy to follow videos + the PDF guide + bonus materials that include tips on optimizing your circadian rhythm.

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In the process of solving my health issues, I discovered artificial blue light was causing devastating effects on my health and particularly my quality of sleep. I couldn't find a pair of blue light blocking glasses with the evidence to support their claims of blocking blue light of the range that truly make a difference, so I created my own and now offer the most effective blue light blocking glasses on the market. Available in DAY lenses and NIGHT lenses, to provide full 24-hour protection for the best in overall health.
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I hope you take advantage of my experience and years of learning. I know you don't enjoy feeling like you do and neither should you accept that you are. Learn how light can change your life, and help you reach your potential, both physically and mentally.


Let's Go On This Journey Together!

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Testimonials From Trusted Supporters

"I consider him to be one of the world's leading authorities on what is called ‚Äúphotobiomodulation,‚ÄĚ or the use of specific wavelengths of light therapy to cause some very beneficial health effects."

- Ben Greenfield, Fitness Guru & America's Top Biohacker

"Matt provides a beautifully understandable account of why blue light is harmful and what to do about it."

- Brad Kearns, Primal Blueprint