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The Light Diet Protocol and Explanation (Raw)



Author's Note:
Hi everyone! Matt here. I have been talking about "The Light Diet" for a long time, as I have developed and refined it as the simplest and most effective protocol to optimize our health using light in the modern world.
I have been wanting to put out a guide to explain all of these things, but faced many barriers due to editing difficulty, being busy with other things, etc.
In reality, I had written this entire "Guide" for The Light Diet Protocol one year ago for a friend who needed it badly, and since have not shared it anywhere.
So, this is an essentially raw, unedited version of The Light Diet Protocol. Since I have received so many requests, I decided that I would put it out RAW.
My name is Matt Maruca.  I'm 20 years old.  I used to think that life sucks.  I felt like junk every day.  I was tired, anxious, depressed, and I had embarrassing gut issues, painful headaches, and allergies that made life not enjoyable.  I tried all of the standard procedures in western medicine including various drugs.  I tried naturopathy to no avail, and then several western diets.  I was eating the best food that money could buy, but I was still not getting fully better.
It turns out that our body is like a car.  We take in food like a car takes in gas, and our cells contain thousands of tiny little engines that make that food useful, just like a car's engine.  Now, if we were to never take that car in for a tune up, what would happen? The spark plugs will become old and worn out over time.  One might even go completely, causing the pistons to fire out of sync.  The engine would no longer be able to utilize the gas to make energy properly.  Now, imagine that you put premium gas into this broken engine, start it up, and your car blows black smoke and the engine quits.   You ask yourself "I'm putting in premium gas; why isn't my car working?"  You car isn't working because your engine is broken. "Why won't the premium gas fix my broken spark plugs?"  It can't.  It's physically impossible.  It may keep your engine healthy, but it can't fix it once it's broken.  You need to see a mechanic.
Now, what if the engines in our cells were broken?  Would it make any sense to try to fix them using diet (optimal gasoline)?  For the same reasons, it does not work. Our engines are not tuned by food.  They are tuned by light.  So, we need to go see our engines' mechanic—the giant light mechanic in the sky.
Because of how complex they are, our engines need to be tuned up every day as well so we can function well, feel good, and avoid disease.  We need to be exposed to the sun's light every morning, and darkness at night for our engines to function properly.  If we are not, they cannot, and we cannot be healthy no matter the quality of the food we eat.  When we live indoors behind glass, or wear sunglasses or contacts, or cover our skin in clothing constantly, or work indoors, live under artificial lighting, expose ourselves to bright light at night, use screens, use wireless radiation for communication, we irradiate our engines with light that prevents them from functioning optimally.
Food diets, nor exercise, will EVER fix our modern disease epidemic.  We need to fix our mitochondria, the engines that run our cells.  To fix the mitochondria, we need a Light Diet.
  1. Sleep with the sun
  2. Wake with the sun
  3. Sunbathe and live outdoors
  4. Avoid tap water and drink spring water
  5. Eat a seafood-based diet
  6. Bathe in oceans, rivers, lakes, or a cold bath
  7. Avoid non-native EMF and living in major cities
  8. Cultivate your Inner Light life.
  • 1) Sleep with the Sun.
  • Why?
    • In order to function properly, the body needs to sleep and repair optimally every single night. To sleep and repair properly, we need optimal levels of melatonin secretion. Optimal melatonin secretion can only occur when the brain perceives 3 to 4 hours of darkness after sunset. When we are exposed to artificial light after sunset, the blue wavelengths contained in the light sources send a “daytime” signal to the master clock in the brain, preventing natural melatonin secretion, and disrupting proper secretion of hormones throughout the night, including melatonin, prolactin, and human growth hormone.
    • Our natural “circadian rhythm” (aka biological clock) requires bright, full-spectrum sunlight at sunrise, and darkness at night. Without this fundamental rhythm, our biology cannot function properly, and the body will face disruption system-wide.
    • Poor sleep has been linked to nearly every modern chronic disease, including weight gain, obesity, diabetes, heart disease, mood disorders, immune dysfunction/autoimmunity, addiction, and decreased life expectancy. This is due to damaged mitochondrial function and an inability to generate enough energy to carry out all biological functions properly.
  • How?
    • After the sun sets, either use only candlelight, or only red or orange light bulbs at home. Candles are quite nice to use, and extremely relaxing. You should find yourself very tired in the evening. In conjunction with morning sunlight exposure and mid-day sunbathing, you should begin to notice your sleep timing and quality improving tremendously, and it becoming easier and easier to rise before sunrise, naturally.
    • When you must be exposed to artificial light at night (going out, with company, etc.), wear blue light blocking glasses that block all light wavelengths up to 550nm, such as Ra Optics.
    • Download Iris software onto your computer and use it to remove blue light from your computer screen at night.  Use the “Color Filters” setting on iOS devices to remove blue light at night as well (Youtube Video: How to Make Your iPhone Screen Red). Use "Iris Mini" or “Twilight” for your Android devices. Always wear Ra Optics Blue Light Protection Lenses when using any screen device at night, even when using filtering software, as it never blocks 100%.
    • If you rise before sunrise, do not expose yourself to any artificial lighting, and wear Blue Light Protection if you must.
  • 2) Watch the Sunrise, every day.
  • Why?
    • The changing wavelengths in the rising sun (specifically an increase in blue wavelengths) signal to our biological clock that it is daytime.
    • Our biological clock, also known as the “circadian rhythm” directs the secretion of all pituitary hormones, which regulate and control the majority of our biological functions, and directs the daily and seasonal timing of all biological functions. (Key Researcher: Fritz Hollwich)
    • This drives the natural production of melatonin, our sleep, anti-aging, and most powerful antioxidant hormone, optimizing sleep quality, repair, and mitochondrial function, also allowing our body to begin to wake at the proper time and become tired at the proper time. (Key Researcher: Satchin Panda)
    • Improved mitochondrial function (energy generation) from corrected a melatonin cycle equals increased energy, improved health, and function of every biological system, because they all require energy to function properly. Chronic/modern diseases (autoimmunity, cancer, diabetes, obesity, heart disease, infertility, etc.) are caused by poor mitochondrial function in the specific afflicted organ system. (Key Researcher: Dr. Douglas C. Wallace of the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia)
  • How?
    • Look up “first light {your town name}” and set your alarm for this time. Brush your teeth & scrape your tongue, drink a half-liter of water, use the restroom if you can, and shower yourself. Always end your morning shower with cold water; as much as you enjoy.
    • If you would like, this is the best time of the day to sit upright, relax, and meditate or visualize and even to feel gratitude in the silence. For this practice, set your alarm for 45-60 minutes before sunrise. (These are general guidelines. The most important part is to wake up around first light, or around 10-20 minutes before sunrise. If you are awake earlier, the other items are a nice refreshing bonus.)
    • Find a spot near your house (within a 10 minute drive, but ideally walkable, or in your backyard) where you can see a decent path to the horizon. Any east-facing clearing in the forest, or on a lake, bay, wide river, or ocean will suffice; or, the east-facing second or third story of a building where the trees are not very tall.
    • It is best to be barefoot on the ground, but this can also be done during Step 3.
    • Enjoy the sunrise. It is usually very beautiful. Do not just watch passively; actively feel and allow allow the sun to touch your brain via your eyes and to warm your soul. Just looking at it is effective, but taking this time to invest energy in positive thoughts, such as a meditation or prayer, will be beneficial. You can look directly into the sun upon rising for 10-45 minutes depending on the season and your location on earth. This practice is called “sun gazing” in India.
    • Ideally, watch the sunrise or at least be outdoors until UVA light becomes present. This can generally be felt as heat on the skin. Stay outdoors for 15 minutes minimum from sunrise. If it is winter and very cold, or it is cloudy, 5 minutes’ exposure is better than nothing, but it is far better to take a 30-60 minute walk early in the morning.
    • Ideally, especially when the weather is warm, move into Step 3 by staying outdoors and spending the majority of your day outside.
    • Do not wear contacts, glasses, or sunglasses.
      • Contacts: never wear them, ever. They block oxygen from the cornea which damages the eyes’ mitochondrial function, worsening vision. They also block UV light, disrupting its natural hormonal signaling and metabolism; a serious risk. Wear glasses instead, and take them off when outdoors and not necessary.
      • Glasses: Do no wear at sunrise. Wear when necessary but remove when outdoors and not necessary.
      • Sunglasses: Never wear sunglasses, except on two occasions: 1) Winter sports on snow at high altitudes 2) On a boat when the sun is strongest. Even then, sunglasses that equally reduce the spectrum, rather than eliminating all UV, are preferable. Over time the eyes will become healthier from The Light Diet, and even this may not be necessary. Sunglasses block UV light, preventing the eyes’ natural pupillary contraction, thereby allowing excess damaging high-energy blue light to destroy the eyes. Blocking UV light also reduces production of key hormones and neurotransmitters, and ultimately reduces brain function and overall health of our organism. 
  • 3) Live Outdoors During the Day.
  • Why?
    • Sun exposure builds our vitamin D level, which optimizes the immune system and reduce the risk of nearly every known modern chronic disease. Nearly everyone alive today is deficient in vitamin D as a result of our indoor lifestyle. Vitamin D supplementation does not supply the many benefits of full-spectrum sun exposure, many of which are falsely credited to vitamin D. There is evidence that supplementation is not only ineffective, but can even be detrimental to the body.
    • UV light from the sun provides energy for the natural conversion of tryptophan into serotonin and melatonin, tyrosine into dopamine, cholesterol into DHEA and our sex steroid hormones, and the synthesis of beta-endorphin.
      • Serotonin optimizes our mood.
      • Melatonin optimizes our sleep, regeneration, metabolic function, all organ function, energy levels, and overall health.
      • The sex steroid hormones optimize our body composition, confidence, energy levels, libido, and fertility.
      • Beta-endorphin is our body’s "natural opioid” painkiller and pleasure molecule, designed to reward us for sun exposure.
    • When sunlight passes through a window, the majority of the ultraviolet and infrared wavelengths are filtered, eliminating the its healing effects, and causing the light to be damaging. Use Blue Light pPotection when indoors behind windows, and never sunbathe through a window.
  • How?
    • In winter, take a one-hour walk minimum at some point during the day, ideally in the morning. Walk rather than driving places, and exercise outdoors, if possible. Aim for 2 hours minimum of unfiltered light exposure, whether through an open window, or walking/exercising/being outdoors.
    • The rest of the year, do whatever you do on your porch, deck, in your yard, or at the outdoor cafe tables. The key is for the eyes (and skin ideally) to be exposed to full spectrum sunlight, and not artificial light throughout the day.
    • Sunbathe as desired. If you have mitochondrial disease, the more exposure without burning, and up to the body’s natural stopping point, the better. Aim for 2 hours minimum per day in direct sunlight with minimal clothing from spring to fall. Prioritize sunbathing in the early morning and late evening hours, as these times contain the most healing red and infrared wavelengths. Maximum vitamin D synthesis occurs when the sun is strongest, towards mid-day, but you must exercise caution in order to not burn at this time.
    • Although some will find that they can sunbathe while doing work or other activities, I find that it is generally preferable to just relax,  enjoy the light, and drift off even if not asleep. This is a matter of personal preference, although I do recommend taking some time to sunbathe without distraction.
    • Many people will reach a peak exposure with a few hours of sunbathing per day. It is most important to listen to your body and go into the shade when you have had enough sunlight, especially before any burning. Staying outdoors in the shade during the day is great, and far preferable to being indoors behind windows and walls.
    • Just to reiterate: build up your exposure to sunbathing, especially in the late morning, mid-day, or early afternoon when the sun is strongest, especially in the summer, slowly and cautiously. You can go out until your skin gets pink, and then return to the shade, and repeat every day until you have a nice tan. Avoid burning.
  • 4) Drink Clean Spring Water
  • Why?
    • Water makes up the majority of our body. Contrary to beliefs in traditional biology, Dr. Gilbert Ling proved that water is not biologically inert—just the substrate in which all of life’s reactions take place—but, rather, it is highly structured and carries the majority of the energy used to power life’s reactions. This energy comes directly from sunlight as well as from the food we eat.
    • Modern municipal water is flooded with toxic chemicals including fluoride and chloride in the name of “clean teeth” and sanitation. These claims are not backed by solid evidence, while non-industry literature indicates severe risks from consumption of these chemicals.
    • Most importantly, fluoride and chloride in water reduce its “dielectric constant”, in other words, its ability to store energy. So, The Light Diet is not fully applied and cannot be fully effective if one is consuming water containing these chemicals.
  • How?
    • Never consume municipal tap water, unless you are in a small Norwegian or Bosnian village, for example, where the water comes directly from a spring into the pipes and is not treated with anything. Even then, I would be skeptical, and it would be far smarter to walk up the hill and collect the water yourself.
    • Order or collect your own clean spring water.
      • If you live in an area with clean spring water, the best option is to find one and collect your own water. This is ideal for people living at high latitudes, high altitudes (near mountains), or inland, as water in these regions generally has lower deuterium content (as a rule of thumb).
      • If you live somewhere tropical or deserted, such as Southern California and Spain, I recommend importing your water from a higher latitude, mountain spring or, ideally, glacial source. Keep in mind, just about any bottled water brand (Evian, Mountain Valley, San Pellegrino/Tosca Panna, Icelandic, Voss, etc.), including regional spring water brands (Poland Springs in the East USA, and Arrowhead on the West Coast) will be better than local municipal water. Even Reverse Osmosis water (Aquafina, or available in bulk at most Whole Foods and other grocery store locations), is an OK choice. Vapor Distilled Water, such as SmartWater, may be one of the best choices due to slightly lower deuterium content from distillation, however it may be reduced in minerals.
      • Google “spring water delivery service” and you will be able to find spring water delivered directly to you in reusable 5-gallon plastic or glass jugs. This is the most sustainable, eco-friendly, and affordable method.
      • You can go to the grocery store and purchase bottles or large jugs of water. Glass is ideal if you can afford it, but for most people it will not make a significant difference in health. Using plastic will create a lot more waste, though, especially if not recycled properly.
    • DO NOT get hung up on the water you drink. As long as it does not contains toxins, has a reasonable mineral content, is not from a deserted or tropical region such, you will do well. Once you replace all municipal water with clean water, it is exponentially more important to focus your energy into optimizing your morning sunlight exposure, nighttime artificial light avoidance, and sleep.
  • 5) Eat Seafood
  • Why?
    • Seafood
      • The omega-3 DHA found and seafood is the fatty acids it is used to make myelin, the conductive sheathing around our nerves, which allows them to carry large amounts of information effectively.
      • The reason human beings evolved from apes was because of a tremendous abundance of DHA in the diet, allowing for far more complex neural structures, combined with ample exposure to sunlight and strong magnetic field strength in the East African rift zone in coastal regions around present day Ethiopia.
      • Humans are unable to synthesize DHA or convert it from ALA like some animals, as vegans falsely claim. Its massive presence in our nervous system compared to all other animals on earth indicates a dietary supply.
      • Generally among mammals, as cognition/brain size increases, so does DHA content, further indicating it's key role in brain function. DHA is naturally passed from mothers to children via breastmilk, and is highly conserved. It is not broken down for energy.
      • DHA pill supplements are inadequate; several large brands have been show to contain high levels of toxins that are the inherent result of the processing. Also, none of the supplements have been shown to have DHA in the proper position to be assimilated and utilized. Therefore, we must eat whole seafood.
      • Taking any exogenous omega-3 supplements will significantly hinder or completely eliminate any results you obtain from The Light Diet, and can be seriously detrimental by replacing a crucial aspect of nerves and cell membranes with a toxic form.
  • How?
    • If you are overweight or underweight (one of which most people are), it is likely that you are Leptin Resistant. If so, complete the Leptin Reset to reset your circadian rhythm and hormones at the beginning of this journey.
    • Seafood
      • If one has mercury toxicity or is not very health, I suggest to avoid predator seafood, as it is higher in some toxins, including mercury, due to accumulation from many smaller fish across its lifetime. These are: tuna, swordfish, and shark.
      • If one is healthy and following The Light Diet, one has the capability to remove toxins from the body as we are designed. 
      • On The Light Diet, eat seafood as often as possible. Ideally, make it your primary protein source, consumed with every meal, or at least once daily.
      • The protein pyramind (optimal starting from the top)
        • Bivalves: Oysters, Mussels, Clams, Scallops (Oysters especially important, aim to consume regularly. The more, the better. Every day if possible. Oysters are loaded with zinc, DHA, and other human brain-specific nutrients.)
        • Crustaceans: Shrimp, Lobster, Crab, Crawfish
        • Fish: Salmon, Trout, Mackerel, Sardines, Tuna, Snapper, Swordfish, Mahi Mahi, etc.
        • Grass-Fed Organ Meats
        • Grass-Fed Skeletal Meats
        • Eggs & Dairy (if tolerated)
  • 6) Bathe in Cold Water.
  • Why?
    • Cold exposure is a natural “hack” that forces our body to increase our metabolic rate in order to maintain our core temperature. When we radically increase our metabolic rate like this, not only do we feel better, but the act of generating additional energy improves our ability to generate energy, and improves several of our biological functions.
    • Approximately 65 million years ago, an asteroid struck the earth that killed all of the dinosaurs. All eutherian mammals alive today (including humans) descend from a common ancestor that was alive at that time. The evidence indicates that this ancestor spent nearly half of each year hibernating through cold winters, burning its own fat to release heat to stay warm. When an asteroid impacted what is now the Yucatan peninsula in modern-day Mexico, the release of gases into the atmosphere reduced the quantum yield of the environment by blocking sunlight, causing the largest cold-blooded animals, particularly dinosaurs, to become extinct, because they could not regulate their body temperature internally. They depended on solar light for thermoregulation. The mammal ancestor, however, was part of a small class of “warm-blooded” animals, who were able to do so. This is done through the use of "uncoupling proteins”, which take advantage of the same force present in our mitochondria (our cellular engines) used to generate energy, but rather releases this potential energy in the form of heat. The small fraction of mammal ancestors that survived the extinction event were the ones most able to utilize this cold-induced “thermogenesis”. All mammals today still possess this capacity to generate heat and to thrive under exposure to extreme cold, even if not utilized.
    • When our cellular engines (mitochondria) release heat, also known as infrared light, this light acts on a unique property in water, causing it to become highly structured (Dr. Gerald Pollock; The Fourth Phase of Water). This increased structuring of the water around the mitochondria improves their ability to generate energy.
    • Here are some of the potential benefits of cold exposure:
      • Lowered body fat
      • Improved hormone levels
      • Reproductive fitness
      • Diabetes reversal
      • Eliminates food cravings
      • Strengthens adrenal function
      • Solves thyroid disorders
      • Super immune function
      • Pain management
      • Well-being and better attitude
  • How?
    • Find a natural ocean, lake, river, or a and bathe in it daily. Spend as much time as desired in the water. Just entering and exiting affords some benefit, staying in for 3 minutes affords more, 5 minutes even more, 10 minutes even more, and so on. This is an experience to enjoy; not to suffer through. If it is not enjoyable in the slightest, do not stay in longer than you desire, as long as it is at least 3 minutes.
    • Pools are also effective but are better if they are cold. Natural bodies of water will exert far greater healing properties.
    • The better that your body is able to warm itself, the better you know your mitochondria are functioning. As you apply the steps of The Light Diet, particularly sunlight exposure and good sleep, you should notice improvements in body composition (naturally increased muscle mass and decreased fat mass with minimal/no exercise), ability to tan, and with these, an increased ability to “uncouple”, i.e. to burn fat to generate heat in the cold.
    • If the water is very cold (below 50ºF or 12ºC, aim for 3 minutes, or as many as feels right. In very cold water (below 12º C), one can comfortably spend 10+ minutes, or more if experienced. Initial exposure may feel extremely cold, but after some time, the body will warm itself.
    • You can also make your own ice tub setup. There are two options here:
      • Purchase a 100 gallon or larger galvanized steel or rubber stock tank. Fill it with water from a hose, and then purchase ice from a convenience store to bring the water to 50-55ºF.
      • If you want to make your own ice, you can easily do so by purchasing a chest freezer, rubber office trash bins, and a plank of wood, filling the waste bins, placing them in the freezer, and then stacking them using the plank of wood as a surface for stacking the filled waste bins.
      • Another economical and convenient option is to purchase a large chest freezer and to fill it with water
    • To become cold adapted, follow Dr. Jack Kruse’s cold adaption protocol.
      • Once daily, dunk your face in 50-55º F water, and hold your breath on repeat. Complete at least 5-10 repetitions, or more if desired, and continue this for two weeks. Purchase an infrared thermometer and ensure that your skin temperature does not drop below 50º F.
      • After two weeks: purchase a 20-lb. bag of ice and a long-sleeve athletic compression shirt. Lay down on your back and place the ice on your torso. You may notice that your skin is pink to cherry red and numb in places. Extend your time 5 minutes daily until you can get to 60 minutes. Once at 60 minutes, remove the compression shirt and place the ice directly on the skin. When you can tolerate the ice on the skin for one hour with the skin becoming pink to cherry red, you can move on to the bath.
      • Full body with ice (for fat loss): Fill the bathtub with cold water, not colder than 50-55º F. Wear socks, gloves, and a cap to keep the heat in the body. Take a 20-lb. ice block and set it on your chest. Remain in the water for 45 minutes, ensuring that your skin temp does not go below 50º F
      • Full body immersion without ice: Jump into a pool, lake, ocean, hot tub, or cold bath from the neck down for 10-20 minutes.
  • 7) Avoid Man-Made Electromagnetic Radiation (EMF’s)
  • Why?
    • Man-made electromagnetic radiation has been shown to disrupt a host of biological functions, including causing DNA damage, cataracts, cancer.
      • The first independent researchers to study the biological effects of man-made electromagnetic fields were publicly discredited due to flawed legal standards regarding the admission of scientific evidence to court of law. Today, lawsuits regarding EMF’s are ongoing, but telecommunications are burying plaintiffs in paperwork for decades. The scientist first hired by the Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association to conduct a study regarding the safety of cell phone radiation, Dr. George Carlo, publicly admitted to dishonesty within the industry regarding the research. He, too, was discredited and ignored. Today, 247 scientists from 42 nations have signed an appeal to the United Nations for greater health protection for EMF exposure. A 17 year study by the US National Toxicology Program concluded that 2G and 3G frequencies caused brain, heart, and adrenal tumors in rats. Hundreds of non-industry studies have found similar effects.
    • Similar to tobacco companies in the early ’90’s, the telecommunications companies are aware of the risks posed by their technologies, but have a strong foothold in the government as one of the largest lobbying groups in the US, spending over $1.5 billion per year in congress, as well as in the media. Anyone claiming risks from radio/microwave radiation is publicly discredited as a “tin foil hat” proponent.
    • To live in a modern city is to be exposed to levels of radiation far beyond what is safe for humans based on the non-industry evidence and guidelines set by consumer-focused groups such as the International Institute for Building Biology.
  • How?
    • Avoid living in a major city. If you live in a city, seriously consider moving or accepting that you may face strange, unexpected health issues as time goes on, or to live and function at a fraction of your true capacity. If you stay, apply all other steps of The Light Diet thoroughly, particularly sun exposure and cold water bathing. Take regular trips into nature. Be very cognizant of how you feel.
    • Wi-Fi: Turn off your Wi-Fi router at night while sleeping.
    • Cell Phone: Turn your phone on Airplane Mode when carrying it on your body, or when not in use. If you must keep it on, keep it in a purse or a backpack off of your body.
    • Bluetooth: Always use wired connections in place of Bluetooth. Use USB in your car rather than Bluetooth. Never wear Bluetooth headphones or Airpods. Never wear wearable tech devices such as Apple Watches unless always on Airplane Mode.
    • Remove all electronics from your bedroom or keep them all unplugged.
    • Purchase a Cornet ED88T Plus meter and measure the places where you spend your time for EMF levels. Measure for Radiofrequencies (RF), Electric fields, and Magnetic fields. 
      • RF is emitted by communication devices, phones, computers, iPads, smart TV’s, smart devices and appliances, Wi-Fi routers, Bluetooth devices, wireless headphones, car sound systems, wearable devices, smart meters, cell towers, antennas, etc.
      • Electric and magnetic fields are emitted by electrical wiring and electrical appliances.
    • Ensure that your sleep space is immaculate. This is more important than any other time. Make sure that there are no walls near your room with large electrical devices such as televisions, refrigerators, or washing machines on the other side.
    • Consider flipping the switch on the circuit breaker for your bedroom (or entire house) before sleeping to turn off the electricity running through the wires. If you need to charge your devices, leave the power on for a room far from your bedroom, and charge there.
    • Electromagnetic Field strength decreases exponentially with distance, meaning that the further you move from the point source, the emission strength decreases tremendously.
  • 8) Cultivate your Inner Light
  • Why?
    • The light within our body is the energy that we call “I”. When we die, it has been shown that this light leaks from the body for approximately 18 hours during rigor mortis. This light is impacted by the things that we do, the thoughts that we think, the words that we speak, and the people that we spend our time with.
    • If we neglect ourselves, we may feel unfulfilled and dissatisfied with our lives. If we cultivate our life force, we will be able to be our best self and to live our best life.
  • How?
    • Take time to meditate, to relax, to lay down, to “do nothing”, walk in the woods.
    • Read good books and pursue things that interest you.
    • Remove toxic people from your life.
    • Spend time considering what you really want in life.
    • Live simply, unless you prefer life otherwise.
This is The Light Diet. There is more information on cultivating one’s Qi/“inner light”, but this is more advanced and for later on.
Shine on!

Blue Light Mitigation Gear
EMF Mitigation Info and Gear
  • Overall exposure
    • Avoid living in major cities or high population density areas
    • Live in the countryside or away from lots of people
    • Live on land with several acres around
    • Get out into nature as regularly as possible
  • Meters
    • Use meters to test as this is the best way to become knowledgeable about your exposure
  • Optimize sleeping space
    • Use EMF meters to test your sleeping space and reduce all exposure points
    • Sleep on a Magnetico sleep pad
  • Cell phone
    • Keep on airplane mode or hard-wired for use
    • If using wireless, use on speaker phone and keep off of the body
  • Wi-Fi
    • Hard wire phones and computer with ethernet, turn off the wireless capability of the router
  • Smart Meters
    • Opt out from smart meters or avoid sleeping near it
  • Electrical Wiring
    • Turn off the circuit breaker to bedrooms when sleeping, and as much of the house as possible
  • Electrical Appliances
    • Do not spend time in close proximity to electrical appliances
Meters for measuring EMF (both are necessary, or you can just buy the third although it's slightly less accurate):
- TriField Meter (for electric and magnetic fields):
iPhone Cable for Phone Lighting to USB-C Hotspot:
DefenderShield Computer Case and Laptop Shield:
Ethernet Cable:
Ethernet Cable Grounding Adapter:
Ethernet to iPhone Adapter:
How to turn off wi-fi while still using router hard-wired:
This will vary based on your provider, but go into your computer System Preferences > Network > copy and paste your router number into your browser (Chrome/Safari) > log in to the network settings using the username and password indicated on the router > find the "wireless" settings and turn off both 2.4GHz, 5GHz, and Guest networks > be sure to press "save"

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