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Why Avoiding Sunlight Causes De-Evolution, Why So Many People Need Glasses, Why Sunglasses, not Sunlight, Cause Skin Cancer, and How Blue Blocking Glasses are Red Light Therapy for the Eyes and Brain

This thing we call life is an ongoing physiochemical reaction that catalyzes energy opportunities in the universe.

In other words, the universe is full of investment opportunities called "redox couples";  particles that would like to react with one another and would be more stable in that form given the current environment, but cannot because they are bound up in other places. Kind of like two people who could be in a great business relationship and build a huge company together, but are currently stuck in their regular jobs.

Table of common redox couples. Living organisms catalyze a wide variety of redox couples, releasing energy and perpetuating the reaction that we call "life". Life is the investor who takes some of his existing time and money, invests it to break these people free as their current situation, and then reaps the return once they have bonded and started generating more income than before.

Life is like the investor. We also use enzymes to reduce the energy required to make a reaction proceed, but still need to input the energy to activate the reaction in the first place.

Literally,  Life takes two particles that are currently bound up in certain configurations and inputs energy to break them free so that they can now react with one another.  When they react, physically, the reaction releases energy because they are now in a more satisfied "higher entropy" state.

Analogy: Do you know how fire works? It's actually the same way that life does. You have hydrogen in an organic (meaning that it comes from a living organism) fuel source like gasoline, dried leaves, wood, etc., and oxygen in the air. The hydrogen in the fuel and oxygen in the air want to react together to make water, but they are stuck in their present configurations. So, what do you need to break the hydrogen free to react with the oxygen free in the air? Energy: commonly in the form of a SPARK. Once the spark has broken a few hydrogens free, they begin to react with oxygen in the air, making water and releasing a lot of energy, which is what we call "fire". This serves and the ongoing spark, releasing more hydrogen to react with more oxygen in the air; a self-perpetuating reaction. Life does the exact same thing, and many organisms, including humans, use the exact same fuel sources: hydrogen from food, and oxygen from the air! Why do we eat, and why do we breathe? Our life is a CONTROLLED FIRE.

Most living organisms, which are found in the bacteria and archaea kingdoms, catalyze this reaction directly within their cells.  A small subset of organisms made a "merger" with one particular bacteria that was highly effective at this "energy investment" process. Instead of each cell having to do this process for its self, one single cell could now have 1000 energy investors (aka engines) producing energy for it. This was achieved by deleting almost all of its genes and consolidating just two copies, all that is necessary for all of them, in the common genetic repository called the "nucleus".

All of this energy freed up for these energy investors allowed them to just focused on what they do best, while the host cell no longer had to focus on energy production, just on building structure and function with all the energy already provided. This is kind of like visionary hiring a ton of virtual assistants to handle customer support and admin work so that he could focus entirely on building the company.

Now since life takes advantage of energy opportunities as you have understood,  if it was exposed to a "free" source of energy, do you think it would take advantage of it?

The answer is: obviously. That is what sunlight effectively offers for living organisms.  Sunlight is comprised of a wide variety of wavelengths, all of which react differently with different particles, and therefore could be used to make more things happen, more efficiently, and faster in life.  Why? Because Light is Energy, and energy increases the amount of work that can be done in a system based on basic physics. 

So, the "free" energy from sunlight, which didn't require reacting various fuel sources as previously discussed, allowed organisms to evolve to greater levels of complexity and diversity. This includes human beings.

Yes, you read that right. To put it another way: the energy from sunlight literally ALLOWED FOR and POWERED The evolution and existence of complex organisms. And who is the most complex of all? The one who's reading this on their iPhone.

So in the system like this, which evolved to this high level of complexity based upon a high level of energy availability, what do you think would happen when this driving energy source is removed?

It isn't like a "set it and forget it" where the energy gets us to where we are and then we don't need it anymore. All of our high-level, energy demanding functions require the energy from the full spectrum of sunlight; all wavelengths including Red, Infrared, and Ultraviolet (so-called "harmful" UV, which is a lie that keeps us down 😉).

This is the particular reason why red light therapy is so beneficial, because mitochondria specifically evolved utilizing the red and near infrared component of sunlight to optimize energy production and ATP synthesis, EVEN IN THE ABSENCE OF FOOD!  Yes, there is good data that we can make ATP without food when we are exposed to red and infrared light like that from the sun. Red light panels are simply a decent addition if you are unable to get outside regularly,  or just want some more red light magic, but they cannot and will never replace full-spectrum sunlight.

So what do you think happens to this extremely complex, energy demanding system when you remove these energy sources, which are powering it and allowed to get to this point? 

Well, what happen to a government that had built an entire infrastructure on $1 trillion in taxes every year and requires that to be sustainable, that loses half of its tax base and now only has 500 billion to spend? The answer? It would have to decomplexify its programs and infrastructure to meet the complexity allowed by the resources available.  Of course, it would start by cutting the highest level, most non-essential functions.

Guess what happens in the body when you avoid sunlight? The same thing. What are our highest level functions, the tissues with the highest energy demand? 

  1. The eyes
  2. The brain 
  3. The heart 

Do you know anyone who wears contacts? How about glasses? How do you think these people would do in the wild if they can't see? Do you really think that bad vision is a genetic adaptation;  that a single human would have survived through billions of years of evolution with the lack of the ability to see properly?  Vision problems happen because we have created an environment where the light that we are exposed to absolutely destroys the function of our "energy producers", because they are designed to work in this higher energy environment. So, our eyes fail, our brains fail, and our hearts fail. What are three of the most common modern diseases?
  1. Vision problems 
  2. Alzheimer's disease 
  3. Heart disease



If you look at the rest of them: cancer, obesity,  diabetes, autoimmune disease, etc.:  none of them are ancient genetic adaptations. They are caused, clearly shown in the modern scientific literature as well, in addition to the historical and evolutionary evidence here, by dysfunction of the mitochondria, which is the name for our "energy investors" that we discussed in the beginning.
Again, our "mitochondria", the energy investors/engines/virtual assistants to our life, basically became extremely effective and efficient using great productivity management softwares like Salesforce and Clickup,  but the Internet crashed now they have to do everything on paper. Do you really think they would be able to maintain everything they were doing before without the tools that allowed them to do it? Not in a million years.
This is why people need glasses, and this is why people have modern chronic diseases. The primary cause?  Deficiency of full-spectrum sunlight, which is caused by being indoors, behind window glass, wearing clothing and particularly by wearing sunglasses and other glasses while we are outdoors. The other primary cause? Replacement of this full-spectrum sunlight with lights that allow us to see but do not provide us with the energy our cells need to function  at the high-level to which they have evolved.

Next time at someone tells you that the sun causes skin cancer, ask them "what caused the evolution of human skin?  Do you think the skin didn't specifically evolve to protect us from sunlight and allow in exactly what we need?  Actually, it did. Our skin makes sunscreen called a "melanin" which turns any excess ultraviolet light into beneficial infrared light. The reason that we don't make enough melanin is if we eat a poor diet, and spend our time indoors, or if we wear sunglasses when we go outside, because these block the signal on the eye that signals to the brain to make more melanocyte stimulating hormone (MSH), which allows our skin to make melanin and be protected.

Think of the "weekend warriors" who spend their entire week in an office under fluorescent lighting and then go out and get cooked in the middle of the day on the weekend. Sunglasses cause more skin cancer than sunlight by blocking the light from the eye that stimulates the body's natural protective systems.

What caused the evolution of the human brain? What were skin cancer rates like 150 years ago when the majority of people worked and spent the majority of their time outdoors?  I can tell you for certain that they were not even 1/10 of what they are today. The data indicates that they were hardly 1/100th of what they are today.

Oh yeah, and people who work outdoors today actually have lower rates of skin cancer than people who work indoors. And, cancer can only occur when a cell loses control of "apoptosis",  which is  when bad cells are selectively killed to keep them from spreading.  What controls apoptosis? Mitochondria.  What optimizes our mitochondrial function? FULL-SPECTRUM SUNLIGHT! In fact, sunlight is more like a vaccine for cancer; natural exposure allows everything in our body to function properly, and cancer does not happen when things are functioning properly.

So what is the antidote?  It's called "The Light Diet".  Put simply, it means being outdoors in the early morning when the sun is coming up to set our body's natural circadian rhythm, something that would have always been standard practice and unavoidable throughout evolutionary history; living outdoors throughout the day, and sunbathing as much as the body desires, particularly during the summer months,  and then wearing blue light blocking glasses that block the correct spectrum of damaging blue light, such as Ra Optics, which I have specifically designed with leading experts in the field for this purpose, if and when you must be indoors exposed to artificial lighting or just behind glass and windows.  You use the discount code "thelightdiet" for 10% off a pair.

Just to clarify:  Blue light from the sun is absolutely critical for a huge variety of functions in our body. The problem is that blue lights from screen devices and man-made light sources is not balanced by an equal or greater portion of healing red and infrared light, which is the natural "counterweight" for the effects of Blue Light in the body.

So, another form of red light therapy is actually just putting blue blockers on your eyes so that the only light that's passing through to them are the warmer and more healing colors, particularly red.  Yes, Ra Optics Blue Light glasses are red light therapy for the brain in the eyes.

There are several other steps to The Light Diet to maximally apply this information to your life. For this reason, we are  launching The Light Diet Podcast, and The Light Diet course.  If you are interested in these things, enter your email below for updates, and follow us on Instagram @TheLightDiet and @Ra_Optics. My mission is to help people understand the relevance of the light in our lives so that we can operate at our highest potential :) . If you want to support yourself and support this mission, go to Ra Optics and pick up a pair of Blue Blockers to get started on The Light Diet today.

Matt Maruca

Founder and CEO, Ra Optics

Creator of The Light Diet


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